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How to Pray the Catholic Rosary (PDF)
How to Pray the Lutheran Rosary (PDF)
How to Pray the Ecumenical and Protestant Rosary (PDF)
How to Pray the Anglican Rosary or Christian Prayer Beads (PDF)
How to Pray the Chotki Orthodox Rosary (PDF)

5 Decade Rosaries

RS05 - Miraculous White Opal Rosary
RS09 - Deep Rose Chaplet of Faith Rosary
RS13 - Pink Rose Pearl Mother's Rosary
RS18a - Saint Therese Deep Rose Rosary
RS19 - Immaculate Conception White Opal Rosary
RS20 - Our Lady of Fatima Aqua Blue Opal Rosary
RS32 - Our Lady's Tears Deep Rose Rosary
RS34a - Divine Mercy Garnet Red Rosary and Chaplet
RS35 - Sacred Heart Garnet Red Rosary & Chaplet
RS40 - Saint Jude Green Rosary
RS53 - Saint Michael Blue Pearl Rosary
RS56 - Sacred Heart Amethyst Rosary
RS57 - Saint Benedict Black Opal Rosary
RS58 - Deep Blue Rosary Chaplet of Forgiveness
RS59 - All Souls Black Opal Rosary and Chaplet

Five Decade Rosary Chaplets

RS9 - Ruby Red Chaplet of Faith Rosary
RS10 - Sacred Heart Ruby Red Rosary and Chaplet
RS22 - Immaculate Heart of Mary Rosary and Chaplet
RS25 - Holy Spirit Crystal Clear Rosary and Chaplet
RS27 - Chaplet of Conversion Rainbow Crystal Rosary
RS32 - Our Lady's Tears Deep Rose Rosary and Chaplet
RS34 - Divine Mercy Ruby Red Rosary and Chaplet
RS34b - Divine Mercy Black Opal Rosary and Chaplet
RS35 - Sacred Heart Garnet Red Rosary & Chaplet
RS59 - All Souls Black Opal Rosary and Chaplet

Specialty Rosaries

RSP15 -15 Decade Black Opal Rosary
RSP20 - 20 Decade Black Opal Rosary
RSS1a - 7 Decade Pearl Rosary
RSS1b - 7 Decade Black Opal Rosary
RSS2a - Pink Pearl Advent Rosary
RSS2b - Amethyst Pearl Advent Rosary
RSS3 - White Pearl Easter Rosary
RSS4 - Amethyst Pearl Rosary for Lent
RSS7 - Precious Blood of Christ Rosary
RSS8 - Azure Crackle Bead Pieta Rosary

Anglican Episcopal Rosaries - Christian Prayer Beads

RA1 - Ivory and Violet Anglican Episcopal Rosary
RA2 - Sapphire Blue Anglican Episcopal Rosary
RA3 - White Opal Sapphire Anglican Episcopal Rosary
RA4 - Amethyst Pearl Anglican Episcopal Rosary
RA6 - Blue Green Pearl Anglican Episcopal Rosary
RA7 - Aqua Blue Pearl Anglican Episcopal Rosary
RA8 - Deep Blue Anglican Episcopal Rosary
RA12 - Advent Wreath Anglican Episcopal Rosary
RA15 - Anglican Episcopal Rosary for Lent
RA16 - White Pearl Anglican Episcopal Rosary
RA17 - Blue Pearl Anglican Episcopal Rosary
RA20 - Black Opal Anglican Episcopal Rosary
RA22 - Garnet Red Precious Blood Anglican Episcopal Rosary

Rosary Chaplets

RC1 - Saint Ann Pink Pearl Chaplet
RC3a - Saint Therese Deep Rose Chaplet
RC7 - Saint Michael Dark Blue Pearl Chaplet
RC7a - Saint Michael Blue Pearl Chaplet
RC7b - Saint Michael Deep Blue Chaplet
RC10 - White Pearl Holy Communion Chaplet
RC11 - Blessed Sacrament White Pearl Chaplet
RC11a - Blessed Sacrament White Opal Chaplet
RC12 - Infant of Prague Amethyst Chaplet
RC12a - Garnet Red Infant of Prague Chaplet
RC13 - Saint Joseph Amethyst Chaplet
RC14 - Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Chaplet
RC15 - Our Lady's Tears White Opal Chaplet
RC15a - Our Lady's Tears Deep Rose Chaplet
RC16 - White Pearl Angelic Trisagion Chaplet
RC16a - Royal Angelic Trisagion Chaplet
RC18a - Sapphire Blue Chaplet of Conversion
RC18b - Aqua Blue Pearl Chaplet of Conversion
RC19b - Black Opal Chaplet of Seven Sorrows
RC20a - Saint Raphael Amethyst Chaplet
RC23 - Saint Anthony Amethyst Chaplet
RC27 - Chaplet of Two Sacred Hearts
RC29 - Saint Dymphna White Pearl Chaplet
RC33 - Saint Gabriel Amethyst Chaplet
RC35a - Saint Francis Black Opal Novena Chaplet
RC36 - Chaplet of the Most Precious Blood
RC36a - Garnet Red Chaplet of the Most Precious Blood
RC37 - Garnet Red Chaplet of Five Wounds
RC38 - Saint Philomena Amethyst Pearl Chaplet
RC39 - Immaculate Conception Rainbow Crystal Chaplet
RC39a - Our Lady's Crown of 12 Stars Chaplet
RC40 - Our Lady, Star of the Sea Aqua Blue Chaplet

9 Bead "Niner" Chaplets

9RC1 - Saint Christopher Emerald 9 Bead Chaplet
9RC2 - Saint Peregrine 9 Bead Garnet Red Chaplet
9RC3a - Saint Benedict 9 Bead Black Opal Chaplet
9RC4 - Saint Pio 9 Bead Amethyst Chaplet
9RC6 - Our Lady of Czestochowa 9 Bead Chaplet
9RC7 - Saint Jude 9 Bead Emerald Green Chaplet
9RC10 - Our Lady of Mount Carmel 9 Bead Chaplet
9RC11 - Sacred Heart 9 Bead Chaplet
9RC13 - Face of Jesus 9 Bead Chaplet
9RC15 - Our Lady of Perpetual Help 9 Bead Chaplet
9RC16 - Saint Anthony Dark Amethyst 9 Bead Chaplet
9RC17a - Saint Teresa 9 Bead White Opal Chaplet
9RC17b - Saint Teresa 9 Bead Opal Chaplet  

Pocket Rosaries

RP1 - Saint Raphael Amethyst Pocket Rosary
RP2 - Saint Michael Blue Pearl Pocket Rosary
RP3 - Divine Mercy Black Opal Pocket Rosary
RP4 - Holy Family White Pearl Pocket Rosary
RP6 - Saint Jude Green Pocket Rosary
RP7 - Saint Joseph Deep Blue Pocket Rosary
RP8 - Saint Gabriel Amethyst Pocket Rosary
RP9 - Saint Benedict Black Opal Pocket Rosary
RP10 - Mother Teresa White Opal Pocket Rosary
RP11a - Irish Celtic Key Ring Pocket Rosary
RP13 - Sacred Heart of Jesus Pocket Rosary
RP14 - Saint Christopher Emerald Pocket Rosary

Car Rosaries

CAR1 - Saint Christopher Green Car Mirror Rosary
CAR1a - Saint Christopher Blue Car Mirror Rosary
CAR2 - Saint Michael Car Mirror Rosary
CAR3 - Saint Benedict Car Mirror Rosary
CAR3a - Saint Benedict Hematite Car Rosary
CAR4 - Holy Spirit Car Mirror Rosary
CAR5 - Sacred Heart Car Mirror Rosary
CAR6 - Saint Raphael Car Mirror Rosary
CAR8 - Saint Gabriel Car Mirror Rosary
CAR9 - Perpetual Help Car Mirror Rosary
CAR10 - Saint Florian Car Mirror Rosary
CAR11 - Divine Mercy Car Mirror Rosary
CAR12 - Saint Jude Green Car Rosary
CAR13 - Saint Therese Car Mirror Rosary
CAR14 - Miraculous Car Mirror Rosary
CAR15 - Saint Joseph Car Mirror Rosary
CAR17 - St Anne Car Mirror Rosary
CAR18 - St Peter Car Mirror Rosary