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St Michael Blue Pearl Pocket Rosary

Saint Michael
Blue Pearl Pocket Rosary

Handmade Gifts O Faith Original
8 1/2" Long - Custom Designed

This handy pocket rosary was made with 6mm Cultura blue pearl glass beads. The single 8mm Pater (Our Father) bead is silver capped. One side holds a 1" tall oval silver ox Medal of Saint Michael. A 1 3/4" tall base metal Crucifix is attached to the other end. Fashioned with durable nickel silver findings.

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About Pocket Rosaries

Single decade and pocket rosaries enjoy a long, rich tradition among the many types of rosaries available today. Historically, single decade and pocket rosaries were originally among those associated with Paternosters. Long before Marian rosaries, Saint Anthony was said to have carried a string of beads that he used to keep track of how many Our Fathers he prayed daily around 400 AD. Some monks and priests were obligated to pray 150 Our Father prayers each day. A few seminaries and monasteries still honor this tradition today.

As early as 1100 AD, paintings and drawings have portrayed notable figures with a string of beads tucked into their belts. It is believed that anyone wearing such adornments were considered pious and identified them as Christian.

During times of Christian persecution, pocket rosaries became essential. Small enough to be hidden almost anywhere, these small rosaries helped the Irish keep the Faith when it was dangerous to be a Christian. A ring or loop of string was attached to some of them. As the Christian prayed, they would move the loop to a different finger as they finished each decade. It helped them keep track of 5 decades of prayer as they went about their days.

Today, one decade rosaries remain popular with many Christians. Some examples are car mirror rosaries, rosary bracelets and rosary rings. Travelers still carry small rosaries as a reminder to pray.

Rosaries of today are usually centered around favorite or patron saints and angels. Traditional rosaries are themed for dedication to Jesus, The Blessed Virgin Mary, sacraments and special events. Many families have handed down rosaries for generations. I still have the rosary my father gave me. The rosary itself is plain and shows its age. It is, however, a priceless treasure to know that his hands held those beads as he prayed.

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